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On August 13 of this year I gave the first nod towards my planned Ecuador Motorcycle Adventure. On September 23, I posted the first details of the trip. Myself and 2 lads from Toronto were heading to Ecuador in 2016 for a self guided off-road Ecuador motorcycle adventure tour.

Yun-Kan, whom I had ridden with once before, had heard of my plans to head to Ecuador and he sent me a message on Facebook, floating the idea of joining in. A friend of Yun-Kan’s – David – was also interested, and just like that there were three of us planning a South American Adventure.

A short while later, Yun-Kan mentioned that there were two more riders interested in joining. While waiting for them to confirm, yet another rider – this one from Alaska – sent me an email here at and asked about joining in the fun.

And so, lo and behold – six of us headed off to ECUADOR for a an off-road motorcycle adventure.



Introducing . . . 


And The Adventure Begins!


From Ottawa To Ecuador
Day 1 of my vacation saw me making sure that I had everything packed and ready for my departure for Ecuador. Taking my first dose of altitude sickness meds, and ...
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Quito & Checking in With Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental
  After a great night's sleep we gathered in the cozy dining room downstairs and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. I am not going to get into a long-winded diatribe ...
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Riding the Guayllabamba River Canyon
All six of us were up early and preparing for the adventure ahead. David, Yun and Indiana were in the dining room when I arrived, finishing up their breakfast and ...
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Hacienda Cusin to the Caskafessu, Mindo
As I mentioned at the close of the last post, the morning brought a whole new sense of wonder. The first thing that I noticed as I awoke was the ...
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Las Mercedes, Plantation Country, And My First Off
We awoke to a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly. After the ride through the jungle the night before the four of us - Yun, David, Roger and ...
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A Teeth Jarring Skid-Plate Peeling BANG
The morning of the fourth day of the ride broke beautifully. The sunrise was like something out of a Steven Spielberg film. The pain in my tailbone was like ...
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A Poultice And A Hard Ride to Facundo Vela, Ecuador
I lay there for a minute, doing an on-my-back assessment of my limbs and gathering my senses. I lay there a few moments longer . . . thinking that ...
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A Gringo Checks Out Ecuador's Health Care System
The ride back to Quito was painful - but bearable. I tried to lay as comfortably as I could across the back seat, favoring my right side and grunting ...
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Ecuador Adventure Motorcycle Tour
Every day its a little colder and the days a little shorter. Soon the riding season will end here in Canada. But, every day is also one step closer ...
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Ecuador adventure motorcycle puerto_quito
And shit just got real . . . we are doing this! I just got off of a conference-call with a couple of mates in Toronto. Mid-February, 2016 A ...
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Ecuador: Bucket List Motorcycle Tour
Video by: Ecuador Freedom Bike Tour Ecuador! Those of you who know me, know its coming . . . date and details to be determined . . . but its ...
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Some Videos . . .

We shot hours and hours of GoPro footage. Some of the blog posts below include some great videos. Here are two of our favourites! In the coming we weeks, we hope to put together a supercut of all the best footage.