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Posted on Jun 3, 2017 | 6 comments

Kenora to Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Kenora to Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan


Holy Hannah – The Sun is Shining!


MAY 31, 2017


The running theme of the D2D Adventure thus far has been rain. And cold. And rain.
However just before going to bed on Tuesday night in Kenora a strange glow filled the evening sky. Leaping to the window to peer out at this strange phenomenon, it took a second to see it for what it was:


Glorious sunshine!


Spirits buoyed we went to sleep with warm thoughts of the ride to come in the morning.

theshnizzle and I had our bikes packed, gear on and were on the road by 0730 the next morning.



Our first destination was Deacons Corner, Manitoba where we  met up with Bob from the V-Strom Owners Club of Canada Facebook group.

Bob had reached out to me before I left Ottawa letting me know that he would be happy to join part of the ride – specifically to Riding Mountain National Park.



The downside to that was, due to yesterday’s shortened ride, we had ground to make up and I had already decided that my visit to Riding Mountain would have to take place on my return trip.

Bob was understanding, as most V-Strom riders are known to be. . .



We stopped briefly at a Kawasaki dealership near Winnipeg and then rode on, Bob eventually hanging a right off the highway towards Riding Mountain while theshnizzle and I carried on.

And on. . .

And on. . .

We covered 1,100 kilometres on Wednesday in 14 hours, finally pitching our tents just outside of Grasslands National Park in Val Marie, Saskatchewan.



Here are a few more highlights from the day



It’s hard to believe that in one day we found ourselves riding in 3 provinces, after 3 days of riding in 1.

The sunshine was a very, very welcome addition to the journey.

Up Next: Grasslands National Park to The Rocky Mountains





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6 years ago

It’s amazing how vast our province really is. Just think it would have been shorter to get to Florida then to Winnipeg…for some reason people keep chosing to go south, I think you have the right idea though.

6 years ago

Glad to see you have finally got to the sun and warmth. Last weather word was that the west will be warmer, drier and sunnier than back here. Enjoying the ride from back here

6 years ago

So glad to hear you finally hit gold ☀️☀️ ☀️