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Posted on May 29, 2017 | 10 comments

Day 1 is in the bag and ‘put away wet’

Day 1 is in the bag and ‘put away wet’


Well, the opening salvo has been fired.

I set my trip meter to zero and departed right on time at 07:00. I had an official escort out of Ottawa by way of my friend and fellow Yobo: Nicholas.

Nicholas rode to Deep River with me, and I have a sneaking suspicion he’d have come all the way to Sault St. Marie without much prodding!

Thanks for being my wingman Nicholas.

Today’s journey was 11 hours long, all told including 3 fuel stops and a lunch break in Espanola on the north shore of Georgian Bay.

The final 3 hours was in pouring rain – but everything stayed nice and dry except for my hands. Waterproof Macna gloves? Ya, not so much.

The Redverz dry bag kept all of my gear dry so I’m really happy about that – even though it’s currently sitting on the floor of the Super 8 motel room where I opted to stay for the night. I’ll have plenty of opportunity to set up camp in the rain – but not on day 1

After unpacking I stepped outside to get a pic of this El Camino and ran into the owners of the Harley’s that I parked beside. 2 semi-retired fellas just returning home to Hamilton after touring the southern US for 3 weeks.

Be patient and bear with me folks – I’ll do my best to reply to comments at the end of each day, but you know, Tim Hortons WiFi and all ?

I hope you enjoy the ride

Up Next: And a Little More Rain





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Carl H
Carl H
4 years ago

Good luck on your adventure Joe! Looking forward to following along as you cross much of the country. Unfortunately cool soggy weather is the norm in the prairies in May, but you will hit some warmer and sunny weather soon!

4 years ago

Nothing worse then setting up or packing up in the rain.

4 years ago

It was an honor Joe. I would head all the way to Dawson without any prodding lol maybe one day. Enjoy when your adventure takes a wrong turn it’s just pointing you towards a new one. Best of luck

4 years ago

Nice looking El Camino. Do you know the year?

4 years ago

Great stuff Joe, I would have taken the hotel too after that rain. Looking forward to following your adventures!

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