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Posted on May 27, 2017 | 25 comments

Packing for a 15000 km Motorcycle Adventure


I know – it looks like a lot – I mean, a LOT of stuff. And at first glance, it really is. But lets walk through and break it down, shall we?

This first section is gear that I will be wearing every day – so technically these items aren’t part of the ‘packing list’

Macna 3 layer jacket

REV’IT 3 layer Neptune GTX pants

Alpinestar Carbon gloves

Leatt EXT shin guards

Alpinestars Toucan Goretex boots

Macna Talon RTX gloves

LS2 MX436 helmet

Uclear 100plus comm’s

Klim Nac Pak

The second section comprises all the clothing I’ve packed, including what I’ll be wearing out the door.

2 x UA 2.0 Base layer

3pr Merino wool socks

3pr riding shorts

1 x track pants

1 x walking shorts

1pr walking shoes

1 x jeans

3 x T shirts

2 x long sleeves

1 x hoodie

1 x heavy sweater

1 x Coleman rain jacket

2pr sport socks

3pr boxers

This section includes all of my camping gear, and most of it fits into my Redverz Dry bag. The smaller items are carried in my tank bag and my Klim Nac Pac:

MEC Wanderer 2 Tent

Therm-A-Rest Monoking 3D sleeping mat

Microfiber camp towel

Joey camp chair

Chinook Fireside +2/36 down sleeping bag

Mosquito net hat

Small emergency kit

Fleece cover for sleeping mat

Jetboil Zip stove

Bear Grylls Ultimate knife

2 books

Head lamp

LED flashlight

waterproof matches

toilet paper

Freeze dried breakfasts

Larabar protein bars

instant camp coffee

Muskol Mosquito Repellant

MSR HyperFlow gravity filter system

collapsible bowl/cup


Next on the list are motorcycle essentials for any road trip of this duration – though I carry half of them on every ride anyway.

Complete tool kit

Tire repair kit

fork seal kit

Bearing set

Best Rest Cycle pump

First Aid trauma kit

Rotopax 4 litre fuel can

Spot Gen3

And finally, there are my electronics and personal necessities.

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop

Ipod Nano

Sony Cyber Shot camera

GoPro Hero Session

Ear plugs

Sun glasses


Toiletries kit

Some would argue that I am carrying far too much. After all, who needs a folding camp chair when you can sit on a rock, right? And that sleeping pad, really!?!

My response is always the same – “I’ve packed for me, and for my comfort, fully aware of what I need to make a camping trip a GREAT camping trip.”

I just hope that I don’t have to pick up Big Ethel too many times!





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7 years ago

Not so much actually but your Therm a rest is really very bulky and heavy. Your tent too : 4 kg is a lot. Don’t drop your earplugs as someone said : very useful. I have decided not to take a chair neither a stove. Have a nice trip a tell us what you think of your list when you actually are on the road

7 years ago
Reply to  Passeparici

Hi Passeparici, thanks for your comment. Joe’s on the road right now so may not reply to comments for a day or two. He may even miss some. I can tell you that Joe has taken the same load-out on a few runs now, including the Trans-Taiga and the Trans Labrador. He seems to be happy with it. Joe has hip problems and broke both ankles a few years ago flying over the handlebars – thanks to an inattentive left turning cager – hence, the chair and large sleeping pad. He used to sleep in a Hennessy hammock (1.16 kg)… Read more »

eric akse
eric akse
7 years ago

I’ve slept on self inflating mattresses for many years but for the last five or so I’ve been using an inflatable from MEC. I found it to be a huge improvement on the space requirement and not much more work to inflate. Best of all I get a great night’s sleep. And I’m not sure what the mattress cover might be useful for.

7 years ago

Hey AdvJoe, you take what works, so in this case, it all works for you. Likely you may shed an item or two along the way or perhaps a pound or two, either way, travel safe and drink the world in.

7 years ago

Is that an SSD laptop? Highly recommend SSD for moto travel. I learned the hard way.

7 years ago

ok drop the earplugss and lose a little weight. 🙂 Wish you a safe Journey.:-)

7 years ago

As a brand new “old” driver, I dig this!! Did my first motorcycle camping trip last weekend in Algonquin Park as a practice run to know how/what to pack. I opted for a light cot instead of the mat and am very happy about that. 🙂 Looking forward to following you along here! All the best and safe riding!

7 years ago

As a woman, when I had the miss fortune of dumping my bike a nice man always appears….I’m not sure how it’ll go for you ?

Nick Hese
Nick Hese
7 years ago

Sounds about the same as I have packed for a year to Sth America
No bearings though, figure I can find them Ok. Replace jeans with quick drying and lighter travel pants
Everything should be quick/ drip dry
Fuel container, really depends on where you are going, possibly buy a cheap disposable for when you really need it and discard after use
My 2 cents worth
Have a great adventure

Lee White
7 years ago

Sounds like you’ve got a plan. All seems like pretty essential gear to me.

Would love to see some pics of your set up.

7 years ago

Like you said packing is an individual preference but I think you have a good rounded pack. You’ll know pretty quick what you forgot 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  AdvJoe

I was going to ask you what books you were packing!

7 years ago
Reply to  AdvJoe

as long as you got all your shots for some of the future countries – and a water kit for when you need clean water