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Posted on May 1, 2017 | 6 comments

2017 – A Summer of Adventure

2017 – A Summer of Adventure


The 2017 riding season is shaping up to be a truly amazing, destination-heavy good time.

Get this – your gonna like it:

The plan is to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by visiting every province and at least two territories.

To dip my front tire in all 3 Canadian coastal oceans – the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland, the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia and the Arctic Ocean / Beaufort Sea in the Northwest Territories at Tuktoyaktuk.


Newfoundland Twillingate Harbour sea

It will amount to somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 kilometers of cross-Canada travel over a period of about 10 weeks.

There will be a huge moto-gathering celebration in the Yukon, and a 500 kilometer off-road rally in New Brunswick thrown in for good measure.

All of my gear will be put to the test.

Tire choices will be pondered.

Route plans will fall asunder.

I will bring too much stuff, and forget to bring something that I need.

I will be fed upon by voracious mosquitoes and black flies.

I will wake in a soaking wet tent after a night of thunderstorms.

I will pull into camp forgetting to buy instant coffee.

I will get lost, and turned around, and frustrated on several occasions.

Park rangers and law enforcement will tell me “you can’t camp there sir.”

I will pick Big Ethel up out of the mud enough times to seriously contemplate kicking dirt over her and walking away forever.

In short, I will have the time of my life, and every minute will add to the adventure.

And it all starts on May 25th when I head out from Ottawa towards Dawson City Yukon for the D2D – or Dust 2 Dawson motorcycle gathering.

1992 – The first D2D

If nothing else, I encourage you to scroll down the advrider page to the post titled History of ‘Dust 2 Dawson as per Fighter’. This post, and the subsequent birth of the D2D, more than any other post, article or description that I have ever read, describe the attraction that I feel to the motorcycle community.

It is going to be a hell of a ride this year folks – I hope you will hang around, and maybe lend a hand picking Big Ethel out of the mud. . .




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4 years ago

Aahhemmm cough abitibi cough in September. It will be a pleasure to explore a small piece of your journey with you.

4 years ago

Today is the day Joe. Thinking about your wonderful plans for the 150. That is truly a celebration of Canada and of Life. Bon Voyage!

4 years ago

Hey Joe. I did 9 provinces last year (missed PEI) and can relate to all of your forward thinking with regards to experiences to come … with the exception of having to pick up the Wee 🙂
Should you require B&B in SSM or a maintenance break/bed in Winnipeg or Falkland BC give me a shout.
Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
Ride Safe!

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