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Posted on Sep 15, 2015 | 2 comments

Riding the Suzuki DR650 on Labour Day


Leading up to the Labor Day weekend, my friend and MotoYobo founder Ryan Carman thought it would be a good idea to get me in the groove for the Fundy Adventure Rally.

Two other Rally Yobos riding mates – Bud and Mark – had mentioned that they were going to be out in the Cloyne area, and Ryan suggested that I should try to make the holiday Monday a ride day.

We headed out there on Sunday afternoon and stayed at a beautiful cottage on a small lake Sunday evening.

My three riding partners busied themselves with getting their KLR’s into ride-ready condition by changing wheel bearings and spooning tires.

As the happy owner of a Suzuki DR650, I tightened my chain . . .

Once the bearings were installed, the tires spooned, and the wheels replaced, we sat around a camp fire and enjoyed some spectacular Labor Day weekend weather.

And then . . . we got up Monday morning and had to wallow through intense humidity.

It was going to be a hot one.

And Ryan had planned the tracks.

Ryan, it should be noted, was probably referred to as a Yobo in high school and it stuck.


yobo (plural: yobos)

(slang Australia) Someone, usually a male, who is uncouth, badly behaved and obnoxious. Loud and drunk are also characteristics, but not always present.

(slang Britain) A cruel and brutal fellow.


I have learned that he can be a cruel and brutal fellow – at least, in his ride planning.

The tracks the Ryan chose to lead us on were at best interesting – and at worst, brutal.

Of course, the 33 degree, 95% humidity, sap-every-bit-of-strength-that-you-have weather that we were riding in has probably clouded my already less than fond memories of some of the day’s events – including my two ‘offs’ that left me feeling like I should probably seek another form of recreation – but I now know (hindsight being the bitch that it is) that Ryan had a goal. A plan. A  reason for the evil smirk.

It had to be that he was trying to prepare me for the Fundy Adventure Rally that I was scheduled to ride the DR650 in the following weekend . . .

Ok – though I did bitch and moan like one of the bimbos that dies in the opening scenes of every Scream movie –  the ride was actually pretty awesome – and pretty brutal at the same time.

There will be video of the Fundy Adventure Rally ride going up in the coming weeks.

And I need to take this opportunity to say thank you to Ryan, Bud and Mark – for trying their best to prepare me for New Brunswick.

The truth is, it would be like trying to prepare a skydiver by having him bounce on a trampoline . . .





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mike tennyson
mike tennyson
8 years ago

are these public trails?