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Posted on Aug 12, 2015 | 0 comments

FAR Rally Update: The Dunsinane Triangle

FAR Rally Update: The Dunsinane Triangle


An update was posted today on the Fundy Adventure Rally Site.

The Dunsinane Triangle is smack bang in the middle of last year’s route and had been scouted back in 2013. Dead ends and gated trails made just getting into the area a task and when the organizers finally did, they were battered by an endless succession of mud holes and then couldn’t find a way out, just as the sun began to set.

fundy adventure rally dunsinane triangle

This year, with some real tenacity, the organizers slogged out a potential C route for the Dunsinane Triangle. It’s not officially a rally route yet, but its a possibility and it sounds like fun!


PS. Thanks to the folks at Kimpex for helping to make my participation in this event possible.






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